Felicia Ray Designs - Dallas Fort Worth Seamstress

TURNAROUND TIMES: My peak season is between March and October.  For alterations on non-formal and casual garments, my typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks during the off-peak, and 3-4 weeks during the peak season.  For bridal gowns, my typical turnaround time is 3 -6 weeks during the off-peak, and 6-8 weeks during the peak season.  For alterations on special occasion garments (bridesmaid/formal dresses, suits and tuxes, etc), the typical turnaround time is 2-4 weeks during the off-peak, and 4-6 weeks during the peak season.   During the peak season, I book appointments very quickly, so from the moment you call to schedule an appointment, you can expect to come in for your first fitting within 7-10 days from the call.

Rush fee of $10 will apply for non-formal/casual garments requested to be delivered under 10 business days; $15 for special occasion garments under 15 business days; and $25 for bridal gowns under 20 business days.

WHEN TO SCHEDULE:  You can schedule your appointments as far in advance as you wish.   If you are planning to gain/loose/shape up, and think you will change in size, please book an appointment as close to your event as typical turnaround times will allow.  Please keep in mind that between April and September I get booked 2-3 weeks in advance, so please contact me early!

PRICE ESTIMATE CONSULTATIONS:  I provide a very transparent and comprehensive price list online for most procedures done on garments.  In addition, if the price list is not helpful, you can email an image of your garment to seamstress@feliciadray.com and what you think needs to be done, and I will get back to you with some ranges for the prices for those procedures.  Due to those options and due to a limited availability for the actual fittings, I do NOT provide a price estimates at fittings and consultations.

WHAT TO BRING:  Once the appointment is scheduled, you should receive a confirmation and a reminder closer to the date of your appointment from my scheduling system.  For all of your appointments, please bring your shoes (or same size heel – very important for marking the hem properly), and any shape-wear/undergarments you are planning to wear with your clothing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you garment needs additional work on the seams for which you were previously charged, Felicia Ray Designs will be happy to adjust them free of charge.

Dress, non-formal (add $10 to each procedure for lined garment, add $9 to each procedure if has top-stitching)

Take in/out sides up to sleeve$20.00Raise shoulders, reset collar OR sleeves$36.00Shorten/lengthen sleeves$20.00
Take in/out sides through sleeves, reset sleeves$25.00Raise shoulders, reset collar AND sleeves$42.00Shorten/lengthen sleeves, vented or detailed$36.00
Take in/out center seam$17.00Reduce shoulders$35.00Shorten spaghetti strap$20.00
Take in through zipper, reset zipper$32.00Lower Armhole (Add 15 for sleeves)$20.00Shorten bodice from waist$28 per hour
Shorten waist/back$28.00


Skirt (add $10 to each procedure for lined garment, $9 to each procedure for top-stitching)

Take in/out sides$20.00Take in/out sides, through waist AND hem$38.00Take in through zipper, reset zipper and waist$36.00
Take in/out sides, through waist OR hem$25.00


Non Formal Skirt/Dress Hem

Shorten hem, plain$25.00Chiffon, each full layer$35.00Shorten from waist & reshaping$65.00
Shorten hem, vented$36.00Shorten from waist w/ elastic only$36.00
Bias cut hem, sheer, stretch$35.00


Blouse/Shirt (add $10 to each procedure for fine/silk fabric, add $9 to each procedure for top-stitching)

Take in sides$20.00Take in/make darts$18.00Shorten sleeves over 1"$28.00
Take in sides through sleeves$28.00Shorten sleeves, under 1"$22.00Shorten hem$22.00


Pants (add $10 to each procedure for lined garment, $9 for each procedure for top-stitching)

Take in/out waist and seat$24.00Take in/out crotch$20.00Taper legs$20.00
Take in/out waist from side$28.00Take in/out waist-seat-crotch$38.00Hem bottoms, plain$20.00
Take in/out seat$17.00Flatten hips$26.00Hem bottoms, cuff$25.00


Leather Pants/Skirt (add $15 to each procedure for top-stitching, add $10 to each procedure for lining)

Hem unfinished$24.00Thigh in$28.00Take in sides thru waist AND hem$52.00
Hem finished plain$32.00Lower half waist$36.00Taper legs$30.00
Waist in, remove band$40.00Take in sides$30.00Replace zipper$38.00
Seat in$22.00Take in sides thru waist OR hem$42.00



Shorten hem, top-stitch$25.00Take in waist/seat$36.00Repair holes on jeans: up to 2″ – each add’l inch is 5 round up to nearest inch$10.00
Shorten hem, reattach original bottom$36.00



Bridal Alterations CLASSIC GOWN (add $20 to each procedure for appliqued lace)

Take in/out sides$48Add bra cups$17Reshape/restyle neckline$55.00
Take in/out sides with sleeves$56Raise shoulders, sleeveless$38.00Take in/out sides on skirt, each layer$28
Take in through zipper$48Shorten sleeves$32.00Add corset back$85
Take in through zipper with loops and buttons$58Taper sleeves$33.00Add boning, each seam$12
Take in princess seams$40Raise shoulders with sleeves$56.00Add belt/sash into the zipper$28
Shorten bodice from waist$28 per hourReduce/narrow shoulders$45.00Beading/re-beading$28 per hour
Ease in front$27Shorten straps (both)$27.00


Classic Gown Hem

Cut edge, each$45Lace/Fancy$145.00Remove train, plain$30 ea layer
Satin/silk, rolled$65Lining, rolled hem$50Remove train, lace$45 ea layer
Remove train, lace
Hair braid, stitched on$75Lining with crinoline$40.00Beading/re-beading$28 per hour
Hair braid, enclosed$95Shorten from waistline and re-shape skirt$195.00


Classic Gown Bustle Train

Bustle (sweep train, 1-3 pts) under or over$25Bustle over (4+ pts.)$35.00Add wrist loop for train$20
Bustle under (4+ pts.)$40.00


Classic Gown - Other Alterations

Move/add snaps, hooks and eyes$5 eachShorten belt plain$20.00Add button decoration at the back zipper (Add 15 for loops)$47.00
Open or close slit$25.00Shorten belt fancy$28.00Gown & Slip Pressing (Add 10 for full crinoline)$25.00
Line/blind neck or armholes$32.00Add bra straps$12.00



Bridal Alterations MODERN GOWN - slimmer cut skirt, no boning, no crinoline layers (add $20 to each procedure for appliqued lace)

Take in/out sides$35.00Ease in front$28.00Add boning, each seam$12.00
Take in/out thru zipper$42.00Add bra cups$17.00Shorten bodice from wais$28.00 per hour
Take in/out thru zipper with loops and buttons$48.00Reshape/restyle neckline$55.00Beading/re-beading$28.00 per hour
Take in princess seams$32.00Add corset back$85.00
Take in skirt, each layer$28.00


Modern Gown Hem

Cut edge, each$35.00Hair braid, stitched on$60.00Remove train, plain each layer$30.00
Satin/silk, rolled$55.00Hair braid, enclosed$75.00Remove train, lace/fancy each layer$45.00
Hem & lining, enclosed$65.00Lining$25.00
Lace/fancy$100.00Shorten from waistline, re-shape skirt$140.00


Modern Gown Bustle

1 point, over/under$15.003 points, over/under$25.004+ points over/under$35.00



Bridesmaid/Formal Dress Alterations (add $15 to each procedure for appliqued lace)

Bridesmaid/Formal Dress Alterations (add $15 to each procedure for appliqued lace)$38.00Add bra cups$17.00Shorten spaghetti straps$20.00
Take in/out thru zipper$32.00Reshape/re-style neckline, plain$45.00Take in sides on skirt below waist$25.00
Take in princess seams, plain$28.00Re-style neckline, detailed$58.00Shorten bodice from waist$28.00 per hour
Take in princess seams, chiffon ruched$42.00Lower armhole$25.00Any other work, such as creating sleeves, straps, or additional details to be tailored is assessed at$28 per hour
Ease in front$28.00Raise shoulders$32.00


Bridesmaid/Formal Dress Hem

Chiffon, each layer$35.00Main & lining, enclosed$55.00Shorten from waist, re-shape skirt$90.00
Chiffon, each layer, extra wide$42.00Main & lining, enclosed with braid$68.00Any other work$28 per hour
Lining, each layer$20.00



Overcoat, Wool Jacket, Parka Coat, Ski Jacket (add $15 to each procedure for top-stitching)

Take in center seam (with vent)$45.00Shorten sleeves w/ vent w/ cuff$42.00Reline overcoat. including regular lining$160.00
Replace zipper$45.00Shorten sleeves from top$65.00Reline overcoat, including premium lining$185.00
Shorten coat$75.00Shoulder pads$14.00All other work on special detailing, extra width, etc will be assessed at$28 per hour
All other work on special
Shorten sleeves pain$35.00Sides in$35.00
Taper sleeves$30.00


Leather Overcoat, Jacket, Coat, lightweight materials only (add $20 for each procedure for top-stitching)

Take in center seam (with vent)$55.00Shorten sleeves w/ vent w/ cuff$52.00Reline overcoat. including regular lining$165.00
Replace zipper$55.00Shorten sleeves from top$70.00Reline overcoat, including premium lining$190.00
Shorten coat$80.00Shoulder pads$14.00Taper sleeves$32.00
Shorten sleeves pain$38.00Sides in$42.00



Other Alterations Services

Fix seams$10 / $20Fix hooks &eyes, button (Add 5 for 3+pt)$5.00Take measurement$10.00


Rush Fee (under 10 days for non-formal , 15 days formal and wedding)   $15.00 non-bridal, $25 bridal.

Any additional work, including beading and special details will be assessed at $28 per hour