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My name is Felicia Ray and I am a Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Seamstress! I’ve been helping people solve their clothing problems for many years. I have the experience, knowledge and equipment to help you fix your “wardrobe malfunctions” affordably.

It’s important to you and so it’s important to me.

I offer several solutions for your clothing challenges. Here are a few of them that people seem to need the most. If you need some seamstress work that’s not listed here, contact me and together, we will get you taken care.

Seamstress Felicia Ray Seamstress Services, Dallas Texas Seamstress, Alterations and RepairMending and Repairs ~

Repair, Mend, Patch, Broken Zippers

Personal tastes change… styles change… and even our bodies change. When this happens, we are faced with having to replace a closet full of clothes…or not. Your wardrobe investment can be significant. Replacement is not the only option. A garment that has been cared for can be styled and brought back to life!

I sew and mend torn or separated seams, such as on shirt sleeves. You might need a pocket repaired or replaced, or even some buttons that need reattached or snaps that need replaced. I can help you with that.

Your favorite jacket or pair of pants may have a broken zipper. No need to throw the clothing out. I can replace the old zipper with one that’s just the right size. The process is a bit involved because the garment must be disassembled to some degree. But in most cases, the zipper can be replaced with no problem.

I provide sewing and other garment related repair and alteration services to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Seamstress Felicia Ray Seamstress Services, Dallas Texas Seamstress, Alterations and RepairAlterations ~

Alter, Hem, Re-style, Re-size Clothing

First impressions count. There are times when you really need to look your best. Job interviews, social gatherings and even first dates are occasions where your first impression makes a big difference.

There are several reasons why you might need alterations done to your clothes:

• Maybe you may have slimmed down and now your clothes don’t fit quite right.

• Or maybe your tried on a dress at the store, but when you got it home it didn’t look the same.

• You may have purchased something online and realized that it does not fit your true measurements.

• You might have bought something a little large because it was on sale. Now it’s time to make it fit you and your style.

Whatever the case, I can help you get the garment fitted to suit you. Clothes come off the rack “One size fits all,” but we can custom sew it for your individual needs.

We’ll take some measurements, do some figuring and adjustment, and soon you’ll be walking out with clothing that will make a great first impression, no matter what the occasion.


Fort Worth Texas Seamstress FeliciaNew Items Too!! ~

Custom Dresses, Work Clothes, Uniforms, Clergy, Baby Clothes, Formals & Home Decor & Crafts

Of course, any seamstress is always working on some new items as well. I’ve made several custom pieces for family, friends, church organizations, non-profit groups and individuals. I’m always on the lookout for new, interesting projects and I’ll be sharing some of them with you in my blog. 

Need an alteration, a repair or some mending? Contact me today. I’d be more than happy to help you out!


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If you want to ask me about a specific issue you’re experiencing, call me at (817) 381-5053 or use my contact form to send me an email right now. (Don’t worry, it’s “sew” easy to fill out and your information won’t be shared with anyone else.)

Let’s keep you looking great in your favorite clothes!

Felicia Ray – Seamstress
Fort Worth, Texas

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